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Advanced Dancers

This is an initiative where advanced belly dancers from London can join a group and teach and learn from each other for free.

We aim to practice together in Central London once a month on a Sunday morning and share the costs of the studio. Our goal is to attend competitions, shows and events as a group or individually and grow together.


If you want to be involved please complete the form below and include a link to a video showcasing your skills.

(Youtube, Vimeo, OneDrive, Google etc)

We will be in touch!

Belly Dancer

Thank you for submitting, we will be in touch!

What we do

Community Building

We connect, we meet, we empower each other by creating meaningful connections through dance. 

Safe Space for Women

We share our concerns and support each other in a safe space to explore ourselves and improve our skills.


We teach each other on a rotation basis for free. We develop our skills in dancing communally and have no expectations to be paid - only to improve ourselves. We share the cost of the studio we hire.

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