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Introducing the mesmerizing Little Mermaid belly dance costume, a captivating ensemble that transports you to an underwater realm of enchantment and beauty. Inspired by the graceful movements of the ocean's most mythical creature, this costume is a true treasure of the deep.


The centerpiece of this exquisite ensemble is the mermaid-style skirt, designed to emulate the fluid elegance of a mermaid's tail. Crafted from luxurious velvet and lace trimmings, the skirt cascades effortlessly to the floor, accentuating your every movement with its graceful silhouette. A front-side slit adds a touch of allure, revealing glimpses of your legs as you dance with fluidity and grace.

Adorning the skirt are intricate patterns of beads, fringe, and rhinestones, reminiscent of the shimmering treasures found beneath the sea. Each detail is meticulously crafted to catch the light and sparkle like sunlight dancing on the water's surface.


The bra top of the Little Mermaid costume features delicate beaded fringe embellishments for extra movement for your chest shimmies. Fleur-de-lis patterns add a regal touch, while rhinestone trims glimmer like precious pearls nestled among the seafoam.


Completing the ensemble is a dazzling belt adorned with beads, rhinestones, and side openings that mirror the gentle curves of a seashell. The belt cinches the waist, creating a flattering silhouette that accentuates your every movement with grace and elegance.


Beneath the skirt, a crinoline lifts the fabric with a subtle buoyancy, mimicking the weightless movement of a mermaid gliding through the water. With each step, the skirt billows and flows like ocean waves, creating a mesmerizing display that captivates all who behold it.


Whether you're performing on stage or simply dreaming of the sea, the Little Mermaid belly dance costume is sure to make you feel like the mythical creature you've always admired, radiating beauty and grace with every step.


This costume can also be ordered for group numbers of 2+. If you want to have more than one please message us separately.

Little Mermaid

  • Velvet

    Rhinestones (mini)

    Tiny Beads

    Big Rhinestones for patterns


    Elastic Band attached for extra security for bra top

    Crinoline to lift

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