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Belly Dance Practise

hip scarf.jpg

Ladies Belly Dance Practise Hip Scarf

short skirt.jpg

Dance Practice Short Wrap Skirt

long skirt.jpg

Dance Practise Long Skirt

coin skirt 1.jpg

Belly Dance Coin Hip Scarf

hip scarf.jpg

Belly Dance Tassel & Coin Hip Scarf

Belly Dance Show DIY Costumes

single slit BD show

Satin Side Slit Belly Dance Show Skirt

BD show skirt 1

Coin Belly Dance Show Skirt

belly dance skirt 2

Chiffon Belly Dance Show Skirt

2 slit skirt BD

Satin 2 Slits Belly Dance Show Skirt

pants sequin

Sequin Chiffon Trousers Belly Dance Show


Sequin Butterfly Top Belly Dance Show

lace long top BD

Coin Top Mid-Sleeve Belly Dance Show

metallic halter top

Metallic Bra Top Belly Dance Show

bra top sequin BD

Sequin Tassel Top Belly Dance Show


Sequin Bra Top Belly Dance Show

chiffon BD top

Chiffon Top Mid-Sleeve Belly Dance Show

Dance Show Essentials

light shorts.jpg

Light Skin Coloured Shorts

darker shorts.jpg

Dark Skin Coloured Shorts

nipple covers.jpg

All Skin Colours Nipple Covers

body tape.jpg

All Skin Colours Body Tape


Body and Hair Adhesive Gems

glitter spray.jpg

Body & Hair Glitter Spray

Dance Heels

Joheela Heels

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