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Ready to dance with the charm of a butterfly? We present you the Butterfly Mignon belly dance costume set that dazzles with its gems and glamour, enhances your movements, and shows off your silhouette!


The skirt features a rhinestoned patterned belt adorned with beaded fringe droplets for maximum shimmy effect. The skirt's chiffon crepe fabric features a light and airy texture that allows the skirt to lift and drop when you move and twirl on the stage, giving the illusion of flying off - like a butterfly!

At the front, there is a double slit to allow for all necessary movements and shimmies as well as a finishing touch that carries the skirt off the ground at all times.


The bra top features tiny bead droplets to create a fringe for your chest shimmies and chest drops. It also has skin-coloured elastic fastening which means your bra top can be adjusted exactly to your body shape for a secure stage experience! The centerpiece is a series of lace leaf patterns that climb up your shoulders and down your belly on both sides. In the middle of your chest and on your solar plexus, two big stones are set to shine throughout your performance.


This costume is great for all types of belly dancing, from powerful baladi to hair-whipping tabla.


The costume is handmade and shipped from Ania Designs in Cyprus.

Butterfly Mignon

  • Chiffon Crepe

    Rhinestones (mini)

    Tiny Beads

    Big Rhinestones for patterns

    Elastic Band attached for extra security for bra top

    Crinoline to lift

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