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The ultimate tabla costume for those ready to shake the stage with their shimmies!


The trousers feature a V-dipped rhinestoned belt with long, multiple layers of fringe. The unique rhinestoned bands around your legs add a touch of sparkle and glamour and accentuate your leg movements and steps around the stage. The trouser's fringe fabric features a fantastic ease of movement that accentuates even the slightest pelvis tuck and hip twist.

Shimmy away!


The bra top features rhinestones along its top ridge and straps for the extra shine and glamour every shimmy goddess needs! The double-layered fringe goes around the front of the bra top and is perfect for your chest shimmies and chest drops. The back is secured with elastic fastening, so your bra top can be adjusted exactly to your body shape for a secure stage experience! 


This costume is great for all types of belly dancing, from powerful saidi to hair-whipping tabla.


The costume is handmade and shipped from Ania Designs in Cyprus. Price includes shipping costs.

Shimmy Goddess

  • Fringe Fabric


    Elastic Band attached for extra security for bra top

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