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Introducing the mesmerizing Starlight tabla costume, a captivating ensemble designed to elevate your belly dance performances to celestial heights.


This stunning costume features a luxurious skirt adorned with intricate layers of fringe and double lycra, creating a fluid and dynamic silhouette with every movement. The skirt is embellished with cascading fringes that sway gracefully with each step, adding a mesmerizing flair to your performance.


Complementing the skirt is a dazzling bra top, meticulously crafted to enhance your every movement. Encrusted with shimmering rhinestones that catch and reflect the light, the bra top exudes glamour and sophistication. Its intricate design accentuates your curves, ensuring all eyes are on you as you dance.


But what truly sets the Starlight tabla costume apart is its celestial motif of stars. Delicately scattered rhinestone stars adorn the skirt, sparkling like distant galaxies against a midnight sky. These celestial embellishments add an ethereal touch to the costume, infusing your performance with an otherworldly charm.


Whether you're performing under the stage lights or beneath the open sky, the Starlight tabla costume will transport you to a realm of enchantment and wonder, where every shimmy and shake becomes a celestial dance under the stars.


  • Double Lycra

    Rhinestones (mini)

    Tiny Beads

    Big Rhinestones for patterns


    Elastic Band attached for extra security for bra top

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