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From Studio to Stage

on stage 6 women dancing burlesque on heels


From Studio to Stage

In December 2023 we had the chance to participate in our first-ever Women Empowerment showcase, our first-ever transition from studio to stage! Beyond the glitz and glamour of what we do, lies a form of art that transcends physical boundaries, providing a platform for women to explore and celebrate their bodies. In this article, we delve into the transformative power of dance, examining its impact on women's physical and mental well-being.

The Art of Liberation

Burlesque and belly dance are SO MUCH MORE than just a dance form; they're a celebration of individuality and an embrace of one's sensuality. For many women, stepping into the world of belly dance and/or burlesque/heels marks the beginning of a liberating journey. The combination of graceful movements, playful choreography, and a touch of theatricality allows women to express themselves in ways that might be unconventional in other settings.

As women learn to embrace their bodies and celebrate their unique beauty, they discover a newfound sense of empowerment. The stage becomes a canvas where they simultaneously paint their stories, embracing vulnerability and strength.

Body Positivity Takes Center Stage

In a world that often imposes unrealistic beauty standards, these two dance forms symbolize body positivity. Performers of all shapes and sizes take to the stage, challenging societal norms and promoting a message of self-love. The inclusivity and diversity of our community allow women to see themselves reflected in their performances, fostering a positive relationship with their bodies.

The Journey from Inhibition to Expression

Many women who embark on their first dance journey or reconnect with a part of themselves, find that they are shedding layers of societal expectations. What begins as a dance class evolves into a journey of self-exploration, breaking down barriers that may have inhibited personal expression in the past. The stage becomes a space for authenticity, where women can showcase their true selves without fear of judgment.

Below are some of our students who were with us for their first time on stage that night. We asked them what they felt while on stage and how was their learning experience:

Voices of Empowerment

I was always too shy to dance and never in front of others. Going to both burlesque and belly dance, with lots of guidance I worked hard on the workshops to build my inner confidence, sense of touch etc. There is a wonderful feel of sisterhood and we are all from different backgrounds but we connect and come together as one with music.

-Devinder, Beginner Belly Dance & Burlesque Student

I've always been fascinated by these dances but never thought I could do them myself, so I wanted to challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone and try something new. It made me feel more connected with my body and also taught me that actually, I am capable of more than I thought I would be, every time I learn a new move and nail it! It's also helped me be more in tune with my femininity and express it in a way I didn't think I could.

-Anastasia, Beginner Belly Dance & Burlesque Student

When I did a burlesque performance with Nat and the other girls I felt a combination of confident and powerful. Originally, when we began to practice it, it required me to put myself outside of my comfort zone. But with Nat's guidance and a supportive community at BAW Dance, I very quickly got comfortable with my dance skills, my body, and my sensual and feminine side.

-Snehi, Beginner Belly Dance and Burlesque student


In BAW Dance, our approach for belly dance and burlesque/heels stands out as a transformative and empowering art form. From overcoming body image issues to embracing self-expression, the journey celebrates womanhood in all its forms. As the stage lights illuminate the performers, they, in turn, illuminate a path for others to follow — a path of confidence, empowerment, and the unapologetic embrace of one's true self.

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